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SIA Junior workshop in Stockholm 2023

In September 2023, ten junior researchers in the SIA network gathered in Stockholm/Lidingö, Sweden, for two days of networking and research presentations. Presentations and discussions offered various perspectives on inequalities and aging, for example intergenerational transfers, mental and cognitive health, health care utilization, social relationships, and selective mortality, to name some.

Keynotes were given by Marta Szebehely and Else Foverskov. We also had a panel discussion about the benefits and headaches of doing an international postdoc.

Photos by Isabelle von Saenger

As an extended outcome of the workshop, a symposium abstract was put together by some of the junior researchers and submitted for the Nordic Congress of Gerontology. The SIA symposium was accepted and will be presented at the congress in Stockholm in June 2024.

The full programme of the workshop is presented here.

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