SIA Junior researchers presenting at the 27th  Nordic Congress of Gerontology

Junior researchers within the SIA network started to work on a symposium abstract to the 27th Nordic Congress of Gerontology during our junior workshop in September 2023. The abstract was subsequently submitted, and we are now proud to announce that the symposium idea was accepted by the organization committee. The symposium is titled ”Social inequalities and ageing in a Nordic setting – from working life to residential care” and consists of five presentations given by Pernilla Alencar Siljehag (Aging Research Center, Karolinska institutet and Stockholm Gerontology Research Center, Sweden), Mari Heitto (Programme in Health Sciences, Tampere University, Finland), Laura Pirhonen Nørmark (Section of Health Services Research, University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Laura Corneliusson (Department of Nursing, Umeå University, Sweden), and Farzana Rahman (Department of Global Public Health, Karolinska institutet, Sweden). The symposium will have Erika Augustsson and Isabelle von Saenger (both from Aging Research Center, Karolinska institutet, Sweden) as moderators.

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