A Sad Loss: Barbro Westerholm

Barbro Westerholm, SIA Final Conference , Stockholm 2022

Dear all SIA colleagues and friends,

We have been reached by the sad news that Barbro Westerholm, 89, died a few days ago. May she rest in peace.

Those who participated in the final conference of the SIA programme in September were extremely lucky to have Barbro as our final panel. She participated the whole day, glad to have a day off from the not-so-pleasant election campaign and instead focusing on an important aspect of ageing research. As always, she was full of energy and eager that we all should do our best to disseminate our research to the political scene.

Throughout her life, she has always fought for the rights of minorities and vulnerable groups. Barbro’s influence on how to look upon older persons in Sweden, or year-rich (årsrika) as she would put it, cannot be overestimated. Her voice, both in parliament and in the public debate, to put an end to ageism and stereotypical views on older persons was always present and also profound during the pandemic.

Her life achievements will continue to influence the lives of future generations.

/Johan Fritzell

Read about the news on KI website: https://nyheter.ki.se/medicine-doktor-barbro-westerholm-till-minne

Written by: Naima Kayser Leeoza

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